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Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned!!
(or this can be an expensive sport)

For many more Whoops!!
Check our Whoops!! forum

MikeX had a bad day out in the mud.

Mike pitched his Explorer sideways at about 45mph 
while wheelin' in the mud. A partially buried chunk of
concrete sent his highly modified Explorer onto it's roof.

Hix busted through the ice at Pendell


Rick's Explorer at the Truck Haven Pre-Run Nov, '99
Notice the disconnected rear drive shaft.

The rear yoke shattered when the axle wrapped up. The 
wrap-up caused the U-joint angle to become excessive.

The wrap-up was exessive enough to collapse
the spring perch. Next time the perch will be 
heavier gauge and boxed for increased strength.
The axle housing was also destroyed in the process 
as all of the welds broke. Some worse than others.
MAN! I didn't know the V-6 could cause that kinda damage!

One of the most incredible Whoops!!

Click on the image for details!

Busted T-Case Flagstaff, AZ '96
Rick's Borg Warner 13-54 with extra ventilation. After removing
the rear driveshaft we were able to drive into town for repairs.

Broken Gears '94 & '96
Rick's Gear Collection
The carrier and gear set on top are from a Dana 35 IFS.
Notice how the carrier is sheared in two sections. The
pinion gear below is from the Ford 8.8".